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Structural Wood Systems structural engineers perform mathematical analysis to determine exact load carrying requirements and member size. Complete shop details are prepared for customer’s approval before manufacturing begins. We are available to assist in value engineering and to structurally check design ideas.


Cabela's Under Construction

SWS can recommend a reputable erector in your area. Some projects require special tools, an extensive knowledge of wood, and "handling equipment". The installer will use Structural Wood Systems detailed shop drawings and specifications to properly install the structural system.

Cabela's Installed

Estimating and Sales

The Structural Wood Systems Sales Service Department provides the customer or design agency with assistance from the development stage of a project through the pricing of the members as finalized on construction drawings. We pride ourselves in providing the most accurate cost estimates and “on time” quotations in the industry.


Members are pre-fabricated in that all the cutting, drilling and dapping is performed in the plant so they can be easily erected in the field. “Pre-fit and match-mark” are standard procedures for Structural Wood Systems so that top quality on the job is attained.

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